USN Muscle Fuel Strawberry Anabolic Powder, 2.2kg

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USN Muscle Fuel Strawberry Anabolic Powder, 2.2kg

USN’s Muscle Fuel Strawberry Anabolic Powder is a all-in-one gain shake powder, providing 53g protein and 82g carbohydrates to support muscle recovery, growth and performance. This USN gainer provides a high-quality vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and protein matrix, to support your training goals. If you are what you eat then its imperative that we all take in good levels of protein as it plays a big part in the bodies structure and performance. To ensure your muscles repair and grow to support your active lifestyle, your body requires a healthy amount of protein. USN ensure that the premium formulations choose whey proteins with only the best quality proteins, amino acids and other proven ingredients, delivering a supplement that is optimised for maximum muscle development.

  • High Quality to Support Muscle Growth
  • 82g of Carbohyrates
  • 5g Creatine to Increase Performance
  • 2.2kg

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