About: Papaval Retails Wholesale Trade Services

PAPAVAL is the UK's leading retailer, offering more than 500 products through www.papaval.com over the telephone and uniquely. 

PAPAVAL continues to be the UK's most popular retailer online with over million website visits annually. Papaval serves around thousands of customers.

PAPAVAL is part of Papaval Retail Limited, the UK's leading retailer, cloths manufacturer and wholesaler.

Why Buy From Papaval Retails Wholesale Trade Division

When you become a Papaval Trade customer you are able to source a large amount of Retails online from our extensive selection. Our products range from children's Retails, grocery items, pet supplies, protein powders and bars, soft drinks, cleaning products plus many more titles at low and competitive prices.

Trade Customers can also benefit from some additional options available, for example:

  1. Customers can choose to pay using various payment methods to fit their needs i.e., Bank Transfers, PayPal and Terminal Services.
  1. Postage is £2.99 per order, and hence trade customers get excellent trade prices, rather than standard prices.
  1. Where possible, additional discounts are offered to trade customers.
  1. Customers will receive personal customer service from a dedicated Wholesale Manager in order to support yours needs and help your own business to grow and develop.
  1. An invoice is sent straight to you with no hassle
  1. There is no need to create an account with us. All you have to do is email us at customerservice@papaval.com and send us your shipping/billing address with the best contact number and tell us the items you are interested in. 
  1. For more information don’t hesitate to reach out us at customerservice@papaval.com or call us on 0116 202 8187 we will be happy to help you.