Twinings Pure Peppermint 2 X 80 Tea Bags (2*160G)

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Twining's Pure Peppermint 2 X 80 Tea Bags (2*160G)

This peppermint infusion was made to help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. A classic flavour with the vibrancy and warmth you love, these bags can also be made to make delicious mint iced tea when infused in hot water and left to cool. Made with all natural ingredients, and gently steamed to protect the mint leaves’ delicate flavour. This is a multipack of 2 boxes of 80 tea bags- giving you 160 in total. Perfect as gift for mint tea lovers or to stock up your own tea cupboard with peppermint goodness. Brews in 2-3 minutes, or can be left for longer for a stronger taste. At Twinings, we recognise our responsibility to source ethically and our ability to act as a force for good by improving conditions in our supply chain.


Peppermint leaves

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