Twinings Assam Loose Leaf Tea (Pack Of 4 x 125g )

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100% Black Tea
About this item:

  • TEA: This Assam Twinings Loose Leaf Tea is rich, bold & malty in flavour - black tea that leaves your refreshed & invigorated
  • CLASSIC TEA: This tea has been sourced from North East India for almost 200 years - strong, deep-amber tea that goes perfectly with brunch or instead of coffee
  • TEABAGS: This loose leaf tea is vegan, sugar free & uses plant-based & biodegradable tea bags - made for self care
  • BREWING: To ignite a moment of pause, simply brew this loose leaf tea for 2 to 3 minutes - remove tea strainer & enjoy black or with a splash of milk
  • GOOD VALUES, GREAT TASTE: Empowered by our ethical tea partnership & sourced with care credentials, we help improve the lives of those involved in our supply chains

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