Spontex Aqua Revolution System Hard Mop and Bucket System

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Spontex Aqua Revolution System is an efficient compact spin mop and bucket that separates clean and dirty water for a cleaner floor. Thanks to isolated clean and dirty water compartments, a smart pump mechanism for rinsing and wringing plus a cleverly designed microfibre head that removes 99% of bacteria you can now have efficiency, simplicity, convenience and hygiene! The mop is never in contact with dirty water, it's cleaned during use so you're always mopping with 100% clean water. The 100% microfibre head has an innovative texture with tight loops for greater efficiency and easier cleaning, it even includes non-scratch stripes for those stubborn marks. The large round flat and foldable mop head reaches into every corner and skirting. 

  • Separates Clean and Dirty Water
  • Suitable for All Hard Floors
  • Simple and Convenient 

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