Schwartz Dried Thyme, Warm and Aromatic Dried Thyme, 0.165 kg

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Brand Schwartz
Variety Parsley
Format Dried
Units 165.0 gram
Diet type Vegetarian, Vegan

About this item

  • ORIGINS: Thyme is native of the Mediterranean and dates back to ancient Greece, where it symbolized courage. Roman soldiers bathed in water infused with Thyme to gain vigour, courage and strength
  • A PERFECT ADDITION: Use with dishes which use Cajun seasoning such as jambalaya. Create a chicken seasoning or marinade for fish by adding thyme, softened butter, crushed garlic and lemon juice
  • FLAVOUR & AROMA: A strongly aromatic Mediterranean herb which adds warmth and pungency to dishes, thyme has a fresh aromatic flavour with mint, clove and camphor notes
  • OTHER IDEAS: Thyme is a core part of the mixed herbs found in "Herbs de Provence". Add to pizza sauce or sprinkle over vegetable dishes such as ratatouille for a deeper flavour
  • SCHWARTZ: Flavour your way with Schwartz, and discover our wide range of products. From our staple herbs and spices, to seasonings and recipe mixes and many more

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