Schwartz Chilli Powder, Red Chilli Powder Perfect, 0.4 kg

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Brand Schwartz
Variety Cumin
Format Powder
Units 400.0 gram
Diet type Vegetarian, Vegan

About this item

  • SCHWARTZ CHILLI POWDER: Spice up your favourite dishes from shepherd's pie and Bolognese sauces. For a spicy dip or salad dressing, stir into mayonnaise or soured cream. Perfect with chicken skewers
  • A PERFECT ADDITION: Add this spicy seasoning to your chili con carne or fajita mix or why not make a spicy sauce to marinade chicken thighs for a fiery summer barbecue
  • FLAVOUR & AROMA: Spicy with an earthy, slightly sweet flavour our varied and flavourful chillies are grown in India for the best authentic taste
  • OTHER IDEAS: Add to tomatoes, onions, garlic and oregano to make a spicy Arrabiata sauce. Make Patatas Bravas by combining chilli powder, paprika, sauteed onions and diced tomatoes in a sauce
  • SCHWARTZ: Schwartz Spices are essential for creating and enhancing the colour and flavour of your favourite dishes: Moroccan Spices, Curry Spices, Mexican Spices, fajita seasoning and many more

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