Mentos Gum Pure Fresh mint 24 X 8PC

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Flavour Mint
Brand Mentos
Package information Box
Diet type Vegetarian, Vegan
Item weight 372 Grams
Units 24 count
Item package quantity 1
Number of items 24
Speciality Vegetarian, No Added Sugar, Vegan
Package weight 0.42 Kilograms

Product description

Discover the refreshing taste of Mentos Gum Pure Fresh series. Mentos Gum Pure Fresh has a unique liquid centre, providing a long-lasting gum bursting with flavour and freshness. Mentos Gum Pure Fresh is completely sugar-free, and is suitable for both vegetarians. Now available in a handy roll containing 8 pieces, great for on-the- go, giving a burst of fruity freshness when you need it most.

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