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How well do you know your history? The ghastly-fun but educational Horrible Histories board game will have players frantically racing through history! Move from the Awful ancients to the measly middle ages, through the terrible Tudors and the vile Victorians to the modern times by answering “horrible” multiple choice questions, acting out Charades and trying to avoid Rattus and his tricky “chance” cards! The playing board is divided into four colour quadrants, each representing an historical era and colour coordinating with the question booklets. Players start at the center of the board and have to progress their way through the Savage stone Age to rotten Romans section, then moving onto the smashing Saxon and the measly middle ages. Then it is time to negotiate the terrifying Tudors and gorgeous Georgian and finally onto the vile Victorians and terrible 20th century! Players take it in turns to throw three dice, The white dice determines the number of spaces moved and combined the dice indicate the question number to be asked. The first player to reach the present day is The winner but watch out for Rattus and his tricky chance cards which could be good or bad! Based on the award-winning Horrible Histories series, this family fun, educational board game encourages learning through play and is perfect for 2-4 players age 8 years and over.

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