Finish Dishwasher Rinse & Shine Aid 6x250ml

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Get shinier and drier dishes with every cycle. Finish Rinse Aid for dishwashers helps deliver shinier dishes for 80 washes (based on 4.5ml per wash) with 100% better drying vs Finish detergent alone, without the spots. That's because Rinse & Shine Aid is formulated to help fight water drops, spots and film so you don’t need to put up with spotty glasses.

Finish Rinse Aid speeds up the drying process, meaning you get to enjoy shinier dishes, sooner. There's no mystery as to why it's the number 1 recommendation for dishwasher manufacturers that recommend Finish.

Finish Rinse Aid also comes in a recyclable bottle (minus the sleeve), meaning you can do your bit to help manage household waste.



Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, monoisotridecyl ether, block sodium cumenesulphonate, reaction mass of: 5-chloro2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-2H -isothiazol-3-one (3:1), Acetic acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:2)

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