Doritos Cool Original Tortilla Chips 70g x Case of 15

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Cool Original Flavour Corn Chips Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for Vegetarians - Case of 15 packs of Doritos Cool Original Tortilla Chips (70g), Price Marked at - Doritos Cool Original is #3 best selling tortilla SKU in Impulse (Nielsen, Total Impulse MAT WE 14.11.20) - Doritos are VAT free - To help increase crisps and snacks sales, maximise availability during the afternoon and evenings, by ranging in sharing stands within your beer, wine and spirits aile and within counter top snack units. - Our price marked pack Crisps and Snacks are recommended for stocking in convenience retail outlets - Suitable for Vegetarians Packaged in a Protective Atmosphere Doritos & the Doritos Logo are registered trademarks 2020. Number of uses/Servings: 2-3 This pack contains 2-3 servings

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