Delverde Penne, 3kg

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Delverde Penne, 3kg


Delverde was established in 1967 in a small town called Fara San Martino, the home of pasta.
Natural mineral water, sourced from the Verde River, is the secret of our success and the most important ingredient in Delverde pasta.
It has an excellent cooking yield, perfect consistency and texture. It contains the highest quality Durum wheat with a high level of gluten and protein to guarantee a strong and always  “al dente “ product. Delverde is made for the best chefs and ideal for everyday preparations. 
Italians are passionate about selecting the perfect pasta shape for their sauces. Short, tubular pastas, like penne, go well with rustic and chunky sauces. 
Pure water – pure taste.
Cooking time: 9 ½ min

  • Spring water from the Verde River
  • Highest quality durum wheat
  • Pressed through bronze dies to give a rough surface to maintain the sauce
  • Slow dried to preserve natural flavours 


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