CIF Power and Shine Bathroom Spray Streak Free Shine Multiple pack each 700ml

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Cif Power & Shine Bathroom spray has a deep clean with an unbeatable streak free shine - first time, every time. The powerful deep cleaning molecules instantly start to lift away even the toughest bathroom dirt, such as limescale and soap scum. Immediately, you will enjoy your sparkling and beautiful bathroom with no streak marks left at all! Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Cleaner can also be used as a tough shower cleaner. 100% Soap scum and limescale removal100% Streak-free shine Dermatologically tested.

  • Water and dirt repellent technology
  • New improved formula
  • Shiny surfaces for longer
  • 100% soap & limescale removal
  • 100% steak free shine
  • 100% Naturally Derived Descaling Agent

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