Cawston Press Apple and Ginger Juice, Pack of 6 x 1L

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  • MADE FROM PRESSED FRUIT JUICE – Our best-selling Apple & Ginger pressed juice is made by balancing fiery root ginger with sweet apples. 10 whole apples are pressed into every carton.
  • WE KNOW OUR APPLES - We started out with a lot of apple trees, and we've been pressing fruit for over 30 years. We know if we use good ingredients, we can make great drinks in a carton or a can
  • NO ADDED SUGAR - We don't use added sugar, sweeteners, or concentrates in our drinks. We don't believe in shortcuts
  • OUR CARTONS ARE FULLY RECYCLABLE - All our cartons and plastic caps are made from recyclable materials. They can be recycled and collected in most places in the UK
  • WE PRESS ALL SHAPES AND SIZES - The only test our ingredients have to pass is a taste test. We don’t care if it’s too big or wonky. All that matters is that we’re making the best tasting drinks we can

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