Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim Block, 2x3pk

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Make your loo the best seat in the house with a boost of floral scent flush after flush.

Bloo Power Active Fresh Flowers Toilet Rim Block is an innovative rim block which combines design and function in one. A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with every flush.

Every ball is loaded with a perfumed core that has 40% more fragrance freshness Vs the outer shell, giving a boost of fragrance from the first to the last flush.

Safe for use in septic tanks With its unique Bloo 4 functions formula, Bloo Power Active prevents limescale, provides cleaning foam, dirt protection and extra freshness for your toilet.

100% anti-limescale to keep the loo hygienically clean in between deep cleans and a strong foaming action preventing dirt and grime Simply place the product on the rim of your toilet, adjust it to the water flow and experience boosted freshness and cleanliness with every flush.

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