Toxic waste blue raspberry nuclear bar 50x20g

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Introducing Toxic Waste Chew Bars & Drums, the ultimate sour candy experience! Despite its ominous name, Toxic Waste has become a top-selling candy among children and adults alike. The unique presentation and challenging sour taste of these chew bars have made them a hit, with kids even daring their friends to see how long they can handle the intense flavour. And now, we have a new addition to our line-up, the Nuclear Fusion flavour, which combines a fusion of two flavours in every piece of candy, including Raspberry/Lemon, Orange/Apple, Banana/Blueberry, Grape/Strawberry and Pineapple/Passion Fruit. With the Toxic Waste Chew Bars & Drums, you'll be able to enjoy a new level of sourness, are you daring enough to try it? Get your hands on the Toxic Waste Chew Bars & Drums today and experience the explosion of sour flavour in every bite.

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