Sure Shot Quick Fit 5m Badminton Set with 2 Racket Set in a Solid Green Carrier Box

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The Sure Shot Quick Fit 5m Badminton Set provides family fun in the garden, on the beach, in the park or playground. The Sure Shot Quick Fit Set comes in a single mid-sized box that can easily fit into any car boot, making this excellent for transporting. Designed to be portable allowing you to play a game of Badminton wherever you go. Assemble in only 2 minutes for added convenience.

This set includes a 5m length net for a full-size game of badminton. This is supplied with 2 x Sure Shot London 27” senior rackets and 6 of the unique Air Badminton Outdoor Shuttlecocks.


  • Included storage box 
  • 5 metre net 
  • Quick fit design 
  • Assemble in 2 minutes 
  • 2 players 
  • Weight: 2.9 kg

Racket Features

  • length: 66 cm (adult length)
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Head: Isometric light aluminium
  • Shaft: Tempered steel 
  • Connection: T Piece
  • Grip size: PVC grip
  • String: Lawn tex white nylon 
  • String tension: 18-20lbs 

Shuttlecock Features:

  • Uniquely design outdoor badminton shuttle
  • Developed by the Badminton World Federation
  • Durable nylon skirt with heavy rubber head
  • Shuttle designed to fly through the air unaffected by wind in the way a normal shuttle would.


  • 1 x 5m Quick Fit post and net
  • 2 x Sure Shot London full size rackets
  • 3 x Outdoor Badminton shuttles
  • 1 x Storage box

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