Stanley Jr 21 Piece Tool Set with Tool Box 2021 21 PIECES P36

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Stanley Jr 21 Piece Tool Set with Tool Box 2021 21 PIECES P36 

Looking to impress your child with a wonderful toy set that they will want to play with every day? This STANLEY Jr 21-Piece toy tool set and toolbox is your chance to blow the child’s mind away. Teach your child to store his or her workman tools after each playing session and allow him or her to grow up learning responsibility.


  • Spacious – there is an abundance of space for your child to store all his or her tools after play
  • Full kit – this STANLEY Jr kid’s role-play kit contains a collection of the finest pretend playing tools your child will need
  • Sturdy handle – the handle is sturdy and very durable, allowing your child to easily carry the toy around and also allows you to move it easily when you need to clean around it
  • Safe for use – all our toys are safe for use and kids can use these tools without any unnecessary observation as the tools cause no harm since they are made of high quality and durable material
  • Perfect Gift – If you are in the market for the best gift to give your child in his or her next birthday, then this is what you have been looking for. Win over the child's happiness with this toy set.

Includes: safety goggles, tool belt, closed toolbox, battery operated power drill with 3 hammer, saw, pliers, wrench, Phillips screwdriver, tape measure, 4 screws and 4 bolts.

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