Scotch Brite Classic Sponge Scourers Heavy Duty Long Lasting, Pack of 3 x 8,

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Scotch Brite Classic Sponge Scourers Heavy Duty Long Lasting, Pack of 3 x 8

Scotch Brite classic sponge scourers - Heavy duty & Long lasting (pack 3 x 8) this Scotch Brite classic scouring sponge features a tough green scouring surface that cuts through grease and dried food for long lasting use. The yellow foam sponge is great for soaking up water or wiping down surfaces, providing a perfect two-in-one solution to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling. Scotch Brite classic sponge scourers are heavy duty sponges that give a powerful clean. Ideal for removing grease and burnt-on food on dishes and surfaces. The spongers are long lasting and durable. Scotch Brite, heavy duty kitchen scrub sponge, green fibre side is a highly effective scouring tool while the yellow sponge side wipes clean. Removes tough baked on messes 50 percent faster than competitive scrub sponges. Scotch Brite scrub sponge provides dual-action cleaning to take care of a variety of messes. The sponge side quickly absorbs spills and gently wipes away crumbs and dirt. Built tough, the textured, green scrubbing side quickly eliminates stubborn, dried-on stains. Scotch Brite classic nail-saver is a cleaning tool formed by the combination of a scouring nonwoven and a synthetic foam. The non-woven web is made from high quality synthetic fibbers and strong abrasive particles, all bonded together by means of a durable resin. It is laminated to a synthetic foam, grooved to obtain its characteristic final shape.

  • Great for the kitchen, garage and outdoors
  • Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse
  • Removes tough, baked-on messes 50% faster than other competitive sponges
  • Durable and practical
  • Special shape protects fingernails

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