Science Museum, Coding Lab Doc the Educational Interactive Talking Robot,

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Science Museum, Coding Lab Doc the Educational Interactive Talking Robot, 

  • The first intelligent robot for children with 3 game modes including FREE with free play, EDU with objectives to be reached, and GAME with obstacle courses
  • With DOC you can learn through play thanks to block-based programming which teaches logical thinking, orientation in space, and calculation skills — Easily programmable, recognizes paths, and is ideal for grouplay!
  • DOC will accompany the child as they learn and helps develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills while teaching letters, colours and the names of animals — Children will learn as they play at programming commands, DOC is the first ever game that brings children closer to Educational Robotics in a fun and creative way
  • The robot can be programmed to roam at will or follow the pre-programmed routes on the game cards, helping your child to develop their logic and problem solving skills — When used in 'smart' mode, the robot will recognise its position on the game board and offer suggestions for playing the game to the child
  • Created with STEM Integrated Applications in mind this set promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based activities and helps in the acquisition of new skills!

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