Pro All Surface SwingBall

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Pro All Surface SwingBall

Pro Swingball is the ultimate Swingball, perfect for older children and adults who enjoy hitting a real tennis ball. The All Surface base allows you to play on any surface, simply fill the base with water or sand and you're ready to play. Check out these reasons to buy it. Swingball Pro is taller! Swingball Pro is faster! Has a real Tennis Ball Stronger Power Bats More stable Base For ages 6 years and over. Suitable from 3 Years+ Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under 3 without adult supervision

Box Contains


Swingball is a great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination in younger players and is also ideal to play as a family. Pro Swingball is perfect for older children and adults who?ll enjoy hitting a real tennis ball at full whack in truly competitive matches.

Swingball can be played just about anywhere on any surface such as grass, decking, concrete--even sand. Simply fill the base with water or sand for stability and you're ready to play.

A game starts with the tether in the middle of the Swingball spiral. With two players each player takes turns to hit the ball, one player hitting the ball clockwise, and the other anticlockwise. The ball flies around the pole and the tether moves up and down the spiral. The winner is the player to reach the top, or the bottom, of the spiral first. Mark your score dependant on who wins the game. Games can be played with one or two players. In practice mode, individuals can perfect their forehand and back hand shots.

All the components pack away into the base, ideal for storage and transportation: you really can take and use this Swingball set anywhere.

New amended lid to prevent leakages and increase water capacity for better stability and with more spirals on the Swingball head games will last longer. The poles are wider (now 30 mm instead of 25mm) for solidity and with an added bottom pole fixing ?R-Clip? they will be able to resist the demands of even the most enthusiastic players. Steel tube construction for durability complete with a convenient bat holder to hold your bats once gamplay has finished. Height adjustable up to 1.8 metres (5? 5?) for older players with unique (300 g approx) Checkerbats you?ll be able to power your way to the end.

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