Power 24 Hour Thick Bleach Original Kill 99.9% Bacteria - Pack of 12 x 750ml

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Concentrated thickness gives protection against germs. Thick Bleach has been specially formulated to give greater clinging power where it matters. Features and benefits Thick, clinging formulation. Removes stains where possible. Kills Germs and freshens. Angled neck on bottle for easy application and hard to reach areas. Do not use on any metals, enamelled baths, etc. wool, silk, man-made, coloured, or on any fabric with a special finish. Not suitable for sterilising baby feeding equipment. Directions of use To clean toilets, use neat. Squirt under the rim and leave overnight to kill germs, deodorize and remove stains. To clean sinks, use neat. Squirt into the plughole and overflow. Leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. To clean drains, use neat. Squirt into drains and waste-pipes to disinfect and eliminate unpleasant smells. To clean work surfaces and chopping boards, baths, basins, sinks and floors, dilute 60ml per 5ltrs of fresh clean water. Wash then rinse thoroughly( Please read the label before use) To bleach and clean dishcloths etc, dilute 20ml per 5ltrs of fresh clean water. Soak for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Wash hands in clean water after use.

- Package: Pack of 12 Bottles

- Thick Bleach

- Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

- Daily Use to Stop Germs

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