Fairy Super Concentrate Fabric Softener Conditioner, 4.8L (240 Wash)

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Fairy Super Concentrate Fabric Softener Conditioner, 4.8L (240 Wash)


The Fairy fabric softener conditioner is a dermatologically tested conditioner which easily removes all the stains from the surface of the clothes. It provides extra fluffiness to the linens and helps them to be at their best conditions. They even help in preventing any kind of static clinging and provide assistance in ironing. The concentration is super high which makes the liquid last for a much longer period of time. There is a nice smell which always comes when this conditioner is used. The freshness of the clothes is well maintained even after days of washing. Linen life is increased when they are washed using this conditioner by Fairy.


- Super Concentrate

- Dermatologically Tested

- hypoallergenic Tested

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